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"Promoting Balance for optimum well being"



I'm a Holistic Health Practioner, with a Master's Degree in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine. Allow my 15 years of experience assist you in achieving optimum health & wellness in body, mind & spirit.

My Signature Treatment combines :

* Shiatsu Japanese Bodywork 
* Swedish, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage 
* Traditional Chinese Medicine

~  includes stretching techniques & healing energy work

Conviniently located in Makiki, Honolulu
with private parking & shower facility.

Jorge Luis 

Cell / Text  808-777-7718
Licensed Massage Therapist  
Hawaii MAT 11619


B u s i n e s s    H o u r s

9 am - 7 pm

+$20  after 8 pm



S w e d i s h    M a s s a g e

Combines a variety of strokes into a dynamic therapeutically relaxing and rejuvenating massage, reducing tension in the muscles, eliminating stress, reducing any pain, and even improving sleep. Muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments are carefully manipulated to encourage relaxation. Additional benefits include increased circulation, which helps oxygen to reach your cells and clears toxins from your lymph nodes.

S p o r t / D e e p   T i s s u e  

The Swedish technique is incorporated into this focused massage, bringing attention to connective tissue using a natural medicated oil to lessen any chronic pain. Before an event such as a marathon or triathlon, a deep tissue/sports massage can help you to avoid injury, while a post-event session can help you to perform at an even higher level. Regular treatments with this massage technique promote health over the long term for athletes at any level of performance. 

S h i a t s u

Shiatsu is based on the traditional Japanese technique meant to balance your “Qi” or vital energy. It creates equilibrium between energy meridians, the breath, and the vital points along the body, encouraging your system to heal itself. I will focus on your body’s acupuncture points using my knees, elbows, fingers, thumbs to create pressure on these points thus releasing the qi. Weight counterbalancing and stretching are combined with traditional massage techniques to improve flexibility, energy, circulation and postural integrity. No oil or cream is used and client is asked to wear loose clothes.

R e f l e x o l o g y 

Reflexology is the ancient art of applying pressure to the soles of the feet and palms of the hands to improve health and wellness. Reflex points in these areas correspond to each organ and system of the body, and can be manipulated to address almost any ailment. Muscular tension and stress are reduced, circulation improves, and energy pathways and nerves are unblocked, promoting overall health and relaxation. This preventative treatment will help your body to heal itself.



 A c u p u n c t u r e

Acupuncture is the oldest system of medicine in the world, originating in China thousands of years ago. It is also based on the understanding that the inherent energies in our bodies can heal us and help us feel in harmony with life. One third of the world’s population uses acupuncture as a primary health care system, many more use it to complement western medicine.
The World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health endorse this powerful healing discipline. Acupuncture restores and maintains health by the gentle insertion of small, very fine, sterile needles into natural energy points (meridians) just below the skin’s surface.

How does acupuncture work?

Chinese medicine teaches us that life energy called Qi (chi) flows through the body in channels. Just as our blood delivers nourishment from the food we eat and the air we breathe, Qi is obtained and delivered to nourish our life energy. When our body’s energy or Qi is abundant and flowing freely, you are healthy. When your Qi is weak or obstructed, you are susceptible to disease; you may have physical symptoms, mental symptoms, or you may simply lack a zest for life. Acupuncture heals by opening up obstructions and releasing the flow of the Qi through the body.

Benefits of Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit

    People choose acupuncture for various physical and emotional concerns, and often
continue for the sense of increased vitality, well being, and health they experience.
Because acupuncture aims to balance and restore Qi, or core energy, problems are solved at the root and symptoms disappear. It is truly holistic healing, not just the suppression of symptoms.


Enhance your life with a uniquely relaxing & re-energizing body treatment

 P R I C E S   /   R A T E S

60 minutes            $95  
90 minutes           $135 
120 minutes         $200 


60 minutes       
90 minutes       $175  
120 minutes    $245


Body Treatments add + $50

*  *   kama'aina rates available   *  *  *